Bookkeeping Services

The Helsing Group, Inc. provides financial support services for all types of community associations, including:

  • Self-managed associations
  • Suburban condominiums
  • High-rise condominiums
  • Mid-rise condominiums
  • Single-family home communities
  • Commercial/office projects
  • Mixed use (commercial/residential)
  • Master planned communities

Self-Managed Associations:

When the Board must also play the role of property manager, it is all the more important to have efficient and responsive financial services you can rely on.

Supported by our expertise, experience and superior technology, self-managing Boards can spend less time worrying about financial matters and focus on making policy.

Full-Service Management:

Financial services are also available as part of a full-service management package for associations desiring those additional dimensions of service. We invite you to contact us for more information about full-service community management or visit our management page.

Essential Financial Services 

  • Keep books and records in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices
  • Maintain and reconcile the Association’s bank accounts
  • Expedite payment of the Association’s expenses as authorized by the Board of Directors
  • Prepare monthly financial reports, covering operating and reserve accounts, and submit for Board review
  • Send monthly assessment payment reminders via courtesy statements or coupons, at the Board’s choice
  • Arrange collection services for delinquent assessments at no additional cost to the association
  • Assist CPA/auditor in preparing reviews and/or tax returns
  • And much more!

Time-Saving Web Features For Board Members

  • Dedicated & Secure web site for every community, integrated with cutting-edge software 
  • Confidential web access for board members to view up-to-date financial reports: accounts receivable, accounts payable, balance sheet, and more
  • Board members may approve payments online via electronic signature – eliminating the time, cost and hassle to mail paper checks back and forth  “No more paper checks!”

Time-Saving Web Features For Homeowners

  • Homeowners can securely monitor their account online
  • Pay assessments online via credit card
  • Sign up for monthly direct deposits
  • Submit questions about their account, and update mailing addresses

 Please Click Here for More Information on WEB access for Homeowners and Board Member Bookkeeping Functions