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Introduction to MDP

Welcome to The Helsing Group Member Discount Program

An Exclusive Value-added Benefit to members of associations managed by The Helsing Group

The THG-MDP program represents our desire to bring value-added benefits to homeowners living within communities managed by The Helsing Group. The ability for our members to save their hard-earned dollars through discounts for goods and services that they already use, or may need in the future, is a way to offset their HOA assessments and further help provide consumer support to those excellent businesses located within their communities or the surrounding areas. In this economy, every dollar helps.

Homeowners - Refer a Vendor

Help your community and vendors you appreciate - refer a local vendor

Do you have a vendor you would like to tell about this program?  It does not matter if it's restaurant you enjoy, a local cleaner, or a service provider to your home.  Simply click on the link below and send him an e-mail which will allow him to self register.  There are no fees to the vendor, and he can opt-out of the program at any time.  However, this is a good chance for you to refer that vendor or establishment and help your community by allowing them to get discounts.

Please note, we want to get at least 100 vendors before we offer memberships to our homeowners.  We feel after 100 vendors the program will have enough momentum to start to carry itself.  There will be a no fee to members either, they will have access to a certificate they can show the vendor from a smart phone or tablet..  However, we need to get enough vendors enrolled to make the discounts attractive to you and other homeowners.

Please click the following link to send an e-mail to a vendor you think might be interested.  Feel free to add an introduction of your own.  Refer a vendor