Association Management

Our Management Team

Our highly regarded reputation is founded on our professional management team, and we are proud of their exemplary work. In order to attract and retain well-qualified team members, we offer a highly competitive salary and benefits package to our employees. We specifically seek out individuals who are decidedly career-oriented and take authentic pride in their work. All of our management personnel have been certified, or are working toward certification,  by the California Association of Community Managers (CCAM designation). 
A key strength of our management team is that the department has been designed to offer structure and support to its personnel. Traditional management firms use a more-or-less flat organizational structure, assigning a single individual to provide all administrative and management functions for a portfolio of several associations. That individual is then left to “sink or swim,” and their communities lack the benefit of the cohesive guidance and coordination offered by a team-oriented approach, guided by a senior level of management. By contrast, our management division operates with a supervisory and support structure designed to improve efficiency and ensure cohesive direction. Best practices and procedures are continually promulgated throughout the department, enabling our managers to focus on providing the highest quality service to our clients.
In addition to maintaining the industry-standard credentials, our managers participate in our own in-house training curriculum on a continuing basis. The team gathers regularly to keep abreast of such matters as new laws affecting associations, software updates to serve our clients more efficiently, and other new developments. 

Homeowner Support

Supporting our homeowners is our dedicated homeowner support department. They will be your first point of contact when you telephone our office, and are in the office all day to assist callers immediately. Our clients don’t get lost in voice-mail oblivion! Our homeowner support staff is familiar with our communities and trained to resolve many common issues. This helps to support some routine aspects of the workload so that your primary account management team can focus more attention on the larger issues affecting the community: inspecting the property, managing vendors and work orders, communicating with the membership, supporting the Board on policy matters, and other high-level tasks. Your account manager is also generally available to speak with callers promptly, unless he/she is on another call or visiting one of our properties, in which case the call is fast-tracked to be resolved as soon as possible. Each call we receive is promptly logged in our system and assigned a follow-up tracking number. This results in timely responsiveness and ease of follow-up – no more complaints about un-returned calls! 

Escrow Services

Our escrow department is located in-house to manage the legally required document transfers and disclosures upon the sale of a home at one of our client properties. This work is performed at no cost to the Association; all related fees are charged to the homeowner. We are also able to provide lender certificates (“HOA Certs”) upon a resale or refinance, with fees charged to the homeowner, if the Board so chooses.  Demands and Lender's Certificates can be purchased through CondoCerts to allow payment by credit card and rapid response. We work with your attorney to minimize the associations exposure to answering questions from lenders that are designed to push their liability to the association, while at the same time providing answers that will allow the home to be purchased or refinanced.


Essential Financial Services 

  • Keep books and records in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices
  • Maintain and reconcile the Association’s bank accounts
  • Expedite payment of the Association’s expenses as authorized by the Board of Directors
  • Prepare monthly financial reports, covering operating and reserve accounts, and submit for Board review
  • Send monthly assessment payment reminders via courtesy statements or coupons, at the Board’s choice
  • Arrange collection services for delinquent assessments at no additional cost to the association
  • Assist CPA/auditor in preparing reviews and/or tax returns
  • And much more!

Time-Saving Web Features For Board Members

  • Dedicated & Secure web site for every community, integrated with cutting-edge software 
  • Confidential web access for board members to view up-to-date financial reports: accounts receivable, accounts payable, balance sheet, and more
  • Board members may approve payments online via electronic signature – eliminating the time, cost and hassle to mail paper checks back and forth  “No more paper checks!”

Time-Saving Web Features For Homeowners

  • Homeowners can securely monitor their account online
  • Pay assessments online via credit card
  • Sign up for monthly direct deposits
  • Submit questions about their account, and update mailing addresses

 Please Click Here for More Information on WEB access for Homeowners and Board Member Bookkeeping Functions

Management Tracking

Community Association Managers managing a portfolio of properties accomplish most of their work in the office.  Our company is no different.  Homeowners rarely understand the full extent of the management function, and even Boards may have trouble keeping up with all that is taking place at any given time.  While a few important requests from the Board tend to command the majority of attention during meetings, there are literally hundreds of other things happening between meetings.  We manage on a task-based system.  Everything we do is tracked and available to the Boards online, 24/7.  We capture every phone call, e-mail, letter, work order, in-house suspense date - virtually everything.  Our Boards of Directors can go online whenever they want and see the volume of work in process and already completed.

Board members can then drill down on every task they are interested in, see its history, when it was worked on last, and who said what.  We encourage our Board Members to take a few minutes and look at what is going on, and to track items of particular interest to them.  This arrangement has proven to be a very convenient way for the boards to stay current.  We have found that our Boards that use this system function much more smoothly and get answers to questions at any time they desire.

Focus On Technology

We have made significant investments in technological resources to support our Association clients. Notably, we have developed our own customized, proprietary association management software known as the CID Management Program. CID Management has been designed from the ground up to manage your association’s vital information, simplify many operational processes, and keep the Board abreast of management’s activities. CID Management is found nowhere else, and (unlike much other software on the market that is primarily intended to handle rental apartments and other applications) has been specifically designed for the unique needs of community associations. The software assists with streamlining and documenting such matters as meeting preparation, architectural applications, work orders, site inspection findings, violation letters, and other essential aspects of HOA operations. 
What is more, CID Management is equipped with a Web interface that allows the Board and homeowners to log in with password-protected access. Each of our client associations gets its own customized web site, which is seamlessly integrated with the software. Homeowners are able to download governing documents, view the Association’s calendar and updates on current issues, submit inquiries and work orders, review their individual accounts, pay assessments online and sign up for ongoing automatic payments. Board members receive a higher level of access, and can use all of the above features in addition to accessing the financial area of the Association’s site, approving checks online, and viewing the status of various management actions. 
Of particular interest, Board members are able to log on and view exactly which key management tasks and work orders are currently under way at your community, the status of each, and which ones have been completed and closed out. If you have ever been frustrated by a lack of transparency with regard to management’s efforts on your association’s behalf, we think this feature will be a breath of fresh air. The Board can check these status updates as frequently or as little as they like; it is not an attempt to delegate supervisory responsibility to the Board. We simply believe that a convenient, open window into management operations should be continually available. 

We maintain an in-house IT Department to support the technological aspect of our work. The latest security measures are employed for the safety of your Association’s data, and there is a thorough backup protocol for all electronic records. 

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