Compliance And Architectural Applications

Compliance And Architectural Applications

Our Compliance and Architectural Approval processes are WEB based for efficiency and for visibility to our clients.  The WEB based system is synchronized with our in-house management and bookkeeping software to ensure complete compatibility across our operations.

The Compliance Process

Our managers carry any one of a number of smart devices while conducting their inspections.  As they walk the property they can follow their progress on a map, and each home will show in a different color depending on if there are no violations, current violations, previous violations, suspended violations, or approved or pending architectural applications.  This removes guessing, particularly on large projects, concerning the history and current status of the home.  They can drill down on that history at that moment and view that history in as much detail as is necessary.  If there is an issue with a home, they use the device to record the violation and use the device's camera to take a picture of it.  The violation letter is then automatically prepared, or if an older un-cured violation exists it is escalated to the next stage in the compliance process, and the letter is transmitted back to the office for printing while the manager is still on site.  When law allows, the letter can also be transmitted to the homeowner by e-mail at that time.

Letters produced in the field range from a friendly first reminder through all stages of the compliance process.  The manager also has the ability to edit the letter in the field, or queue it for processing back in the office if it does not meet their full desire.

The entire process has visibility for those with access rights.  This enables the Board members of our Association to view the status of all homes at any time if they desire to do so.

The Architectural Application Process

The Architectural Application Process is also WEB based, and also uploads to our inhouse management program daily to interface with our management and bookeeping programs.  Once received in our office with payment, the homeowner's application is digitized and uploaded.  E-mails go out from the program to the members of the Architectural Committee notifying them that there is an application to review and providing a link to quickly enable them to open the application on their screen.  E-mails also go out periodically reminding them of the days remaining before automatic approval, and that countdown is visible as each application is viewed to avoid missing a critical date.

The committee members have access to a forum where they can see each other's comments and coordinate their decision.

Board Members optionally may also have access so they too can monitor these applications 24/7 if they have a desire to do so.  Approval or disapproval letters are sent by the manager through the program to the homeowner once the process is complete.