Developer Services

Using our copyrighted Reserve Asset Management Program - RAMPSM and our extensive knowledge of association budgeting for all types of projects, we produce the most thorough budgets available. Because we also prepare budgets and Reserve Studies for existing Associations using the same methodologies, you can rest assured that you will receive a reasonable budget which materially represents your project without being accused of "low-balling".

We have produced thousands of BRE budgets our twenty-two years in the industry and have experience in all types of budgets: 

        • Standard Phasing
        • Range of Assessments
        • Flexible Phasing
        • Cost Centers
        • Master Planned Communities
        • High-Rise Condominiums
        • Standard Condominiums
        • Attached Planned Developments
        • Detached Single Family Homes
        • Live-Work
        • Residential/Commercial Mix
        • Lofts
        • Time Shares

Preparing for first time sales within a developing community can be a very time consuming and exasperating process.  Ninety percent of the problems encountered in newly developed homeowner associations can be attributed to common errors and oversights which occur during the set-up process. Finding a community association management company that knows the requirements, are experts at setting up documents and who can build a proper database for first time sales is imperative to the expeditious processing of first time loans and a smooth-running association. 

We specialize in forming the Homeowners Association for developers, ensuring that it is set up and run properly under your watch on the Board of Directors. 

The birth and management of a new community is uniquely different than managing older, existing associations. While the developer controls the Board of Directors, they also must ensure that the Association complies with all Civil Codes, that the developer stays at arm's length from potential conflicts of interest, and that everything operates in accordance with DRE requirements. Maintenance walk-throughs are major events, a single error in adopting the association's budget can invalidate the public report, and myriad well-meant activities can materially change the offering.

This minefield is our forte. We have extensive experience in setting up and providing early-stage management to associations of all types: condominiums, town homes, high-rises, master planned communities. Our managers are specifically trained to understand this special world of the new association. While working to guide you through the perils listed above, they are equally concerned with forming a solid, new community with homeowners who are proud of where they live.

Please contact us to discuss how we may assist you in forming your next new community. References on request include most major developers in California.

Maintenance Acceptance Walkthrough

The Maintenance Acceptance by the association is always a difficult issue in the life of a new association. Typically, the association does not understand that they own the property already, and that the "acceptance" is primarily to obtain an arms-length, third party opinion on the state of the property at the time of transfer.

Obviously, if we are managing the association, it would be inappropriate for us to conduct the walk-through as the neutral third party. However, our contractors and engineers are uniquely qualified to conduct such walk-through inspections in most other circumstances. Because we specialize in Common Interest Developments from all aspects, we understand the human concerns of all parties as well as the construction issues.

Whether you are reading this as a developer, or as a representative of a homeowners association, please contact us for further information concerning how we may be of service.

We have experience managing all types of construction including high rises, master planned communities and mixed use communities.  Our expertise and competence has made us the leading consultants and management firm for new developments in California.

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