Lender and Resale Requests

If you have been directed to this page it is because you have requested information or need information concerning a loan or resale documents for a homeowner in an association we manage.  You may have been told that we cannot discuss loan information with third parties over the phone and that is correct.  There is a possibility that what is said might be misinterpreted and such misinterpretation could cause a liability for our client.  For that reason, all information to outside parties concerning financing must be done in writing -  if we are allowed to provide such information.  Your request will fall into one of the four categories described below.  Please visit that category for further information. 

1.  You are requesting a demand, documents, or  a lender certification:  Please go to to purchase these forms. Be advised homeowners may download these documents for free at their association's website: and, California Law provides/mandates this is an owner responsibility and not an association responsibility.  However, some lenders insist they obtain them from the association rather than the owner so we have made them available for purchase.

2.  The Association for which you want a lenders certification does not provide such a certificate:  Some of the associations we manage do not provide the requested forms.  If the association and their attorneys have decided not to provide such forms please understand we do not have the authority to complete the forms requested.  For more information on why associations are not legally required to complete such forms, and may have chosen not to complete these forms, please go here.  Please do not lobby us for a change in that policy, as it is not within the authority of management to make that decision. The lender will simply need to rely on the legally required documents as otherwise provided under the law.

3.  You wish to verify the answer provided on a lender's form is correct. or you want a document not provided at  While we do our best to ensure that these forms are accurate, mistakes can happen - particularly on the custom form.  If you would like us to confirm the answer is correct with a simple "Yes, it is correct', or "no, it is not correct and we will correct it and get you a new form" simply send an email to and we will provide you that yes or no answer and correct any error.  If there is a document you would like that is not on condocerts you may email us at the same address and we will upload it to condocerts if it is available and allowable.

4. You do not like the answer on a form, want a different answer on the form, want to insist we must answer all questions, want to insist that we cannot provide a note qualifying the answer, think we must answer a question a certain way, or simply want us to falsify a form (as unbelievable as that sounds) - or want to enter into any other such correspondence.  Every answer we give has been carefully considered to provide the most accurate answer.  Some questions cannot be answered because we (1) we do not know the information, (2) have no duty to know the information, or (3) calls for a legal opinion we are not licensed to provide.  We cannot and will not answer such questions or change the answers provided on other questions.  You were so informed when you requested the form to be completed. Additional questions you ask we may or may not be able to answer and you payment does not guarantee that we will answer any or all of your additional questions.  We also will not change the disclaimer on the signature block.  We have made every effort to be precise in assisting you, but we also must protect our client from the liabilities that come from committing fraud or providing information that legally should be provided by the owner or seller.  Either the client or the homeowner has paid us for all legally required information, and if the association has agreed to provide a lender's certificate that has also been paid for.  Entering into correspondence in addition to the foregoing has not been paid for, and we must recoup the related costs. Our billing rate is $150 per hour with a minimum purchase of one hour.  You may purchase one hour by credit card using the button below.  By clicking on the buy button you acknowledge the time is non-refundable (even if it is not all used), that we are not likely to change our answers on any form, nor will we provide a form where our client has not authorized us to do so.  (i.e., We are just trying to cover our costs of getting into a long dialog about things we can do nothing about with someone who is not our client).  Prior to entering into written dialog, we will also need an indemnification from both you and the seller.  That form will be provided upon receipt of payment.