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HOA Management

According to Realtor Magazine, 73.9 million Americans live in a place managed by a homeowners association (HOA). With such a large part of the population living in an HOA community, it’s necessary for board members to set policies and govern the organization. There are several points to consider when deciding how to manage an HOA

Remain Accessible

The first step is ensuring everything is as accessible and transparent as possible. Following are a few specific ways we recommend when maintaining this type of accessibility.

Practice Strong Ethics

We know that ethical practices are critical when determining how to manage an HOA without conflicts and divisions among members.

Provide Clear Objectives

Setting clear objectives will keep everyone on the same page, help meetings run smoothly, and enable members to reach their goals more quickly. The following are a few HOA best practices we suggest.

Hold Regular Meetings

It’s part of HOA best practices to decide what type of meeting to plan and then hold them regularly.

Enforce Rules Consistently

Enforcing your Rules fairly and consistently is essential for long-term success.

Hire an HOA Management Company

Many HOA members lack the financial experience and industry knowledge to manage an HOA successfully. This issue can cause problems later, so it’s imperative to look for a company with expert financial handling and certifications through the California Association of Community Managers (CACM)

We want to offer other important reasons to consider hiring an outside company.

Why The Helsing Group 

Since 1991, our certified HOA management team has provided assistance and guidance to Board  Members for various associations, including high-rise developments, master-planned communities, suburban condos, and a mix of residential and commercial housing types. We know how to manage an HOA effectively at every stage of the development process.

Managing an HOA and implementing HOA best practices isn’t always easy. Luckily, at The Helsing Group, we offer guidance on managing an HOA and additional support with bookkeeping services, election services, and reserve studies. We can also help developers with association set-up and management and create maintenance manuals and DRE budgets.

Contact us at The Helsing Group today for more information regarding HOA property management.