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More Than 50,000 Reserve Studies Spread Over 3,000 Communities Nationwide

Key leaders in establishing HOA Reserve Study Standards for the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA) and Community Associations Institute (CAI).

Reserve Studies for All Communities, Organizations and Institutions

Reserve Studies are for more than just HOAs, and we realize that. Our team of specialists have broad-range experience and comprehensive industry knowledge required for Reserve Studies of all sorts, including but not limited to:

Mixed Use

Mixed-Used Developments
Single-family homes


Country Clubs
Golf Courses


Why the Helsing Group?

We are Recognized as Industry Leaders

Active members of Community Associations Institute (CAI) and its National Reserves Standards Committee.

Founding members of the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA) and currently serving on its Board of Directors.

Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA) & Reserve Specialist (RS) designations.

Why Consider an HOA Reserve Study?

Without an HOA Reserve Study, there is a great likelihood that the association is either overfunding or underfunding its reserves. If the association is overfunding its reserve obligations, then today’s homeowners are paying for more than their fair share of the wear out associated with the common reserve components within the community.


man and woman discussing a new hoa reserve study
two men finalizing documents for an hoa reserve study

On the other hand, if they are collecting too little money, a shortage will eventually occur which will result in deferred maintenance and/or special assessments. This situation typically has a significant impact on property values and personal finances. Many states have passed legislation requiring Reserve Studies because of their impact on homeowners, and other states are sure to follow.

The intent of this analysis is to determine exactly what those components are (if this has not already been accomplished), and to determine the current and useful remaining life of these components, as well as the replacement cost. These results are then used to determine a funding plan which helps assure that homeowners are providing adequate money for this repair and replacement, while at the same time trying to ensure that they are not collecting excessive amounts.

man analyzing data from a hoa reserve study

Sample Reserve Study

This Sample Reserve Study, which is based upon representations made by management, the association Board of Directors, and our component inspection, will show you how we breakdown major reserve funding components.

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What's Included in Our Reserve Studies?

Physical Inventory and Funding Analyses Reports, which include:

Summary of Significant Projection Assumptions and Accounting Policies

Information concerning the association, accounting/budget assumptions, and other mathematical modeling criteria.

Percent Funded Calculations:

Using all methodologies approved by the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA) and recognized by Community Associations Institute's (CAI) National Reserve Standards Panel.

Major Component Inventory

Color photos for each significant component and specific notes related to its current condition, along with helpful preventative maintenance suggestions to follow.

Detailed Component List

Categorized by major and sub-component, this list provides the quantity, measurement type, unit cost, current useful life, expected useful life and remaining life along with both the current and future estimated costs.

Monthly and Annual Cash Flow Tables

Provided to reveal the amounts of money on hand over the next thirty years using both full funding and a threshold funding methodology.

30 Year Estimated Expenditure Schedules

Specifically, when and for what components the association is expected to expend reserve money for over the next 30 Years.

Homeowner Disclosure Notes

A short summary with the legally required disclosure notes for all homeowners as part of our study. Why pay more to have someone extract the data to perform this required function?

Learn More About Reserve Studies

5 Questions To Ask When Selecting The Right Reserve Study Provider

Finding the right reserve study provider for your Association is a difficult task, especially since many companies out-source funding analyses. The Helsing Group is different, every reserve study and funding analysis is performed in-house, with efficiency and proper expertise.

Our Approach to Reserve Studies

We believe in quality over quantity, which maximizes your reserve study’s usefulness as a budgeting and planning tool.

Our reserve studies are prepared under the direct supervision of a Professional Reserve Analysts (PRA) & Reserve Specialist (RS).

Our detailed component lists are second to none. We don’t believe in lump sums or combined funds. Every component should be cataloged and tracked where it exists.

We utilize a proprietary database and reserve funding software (RAMP), which offers mathematical guarantees. You don’t have to second-guess the numbers because they are right!

We offer free funding updates during the current year of the reserve study. Our clients find this service extremely helpful, especially during budget season.

Our revolutionary Sustainment Package allows us to better track your Association’s components through time and provide periodic funding and maintenance data without wasting the process of a new reserve study every three years.

Protect Your Association with the Most Accurate HOA Reserve Study in the Industry.