The Helsing Group, Inc. was founded in 1991 and quickly became recognized as a leading provider of consulting services to the Common Interest Development industry.  In the mid 1990’s, we noted significant shortcomings throughout the industry with respect to the management services community associations were receiving.  At the request of many clients, our company moved to fill that void, and now offers management for community associations of all varieties: suburban condominiums, large master planned communities, high-rise developments, and mixed use (commercial/residential) of all construction types. Our expertise spans the development process at every stage, and our focus is on managing the thriving community over the long term.

The Helsing Group is proud to be designated as an Accredited Community Management Business (ACMB) by the California Association of Community Managers. The ACMB designation is reserved for the very few leading firms whose business practices have been found to meet the highest industry standards.  Out of many hundreds of companies in California that advertise community management services, we are one of only 16 firms to attain the ACMB designation!  Achieving ACMB status requires a stringent review and certification process, including an examination of our risk management practices, ethical standards, and individual staff qualifications; and a detailed audit of our financial control processes.  The audit ensures that we practice an optimal system of checks and balances to provide our clients’ finances with the highest level of protection.

We take pride in our longtime commitment to exemplary business practices, and are very pleased to receive this formal recognition from the community management industry as a whole.  We are honored by the trust our Association clients place in us, and look forward to maintaining the superior standards embodied by the ACMB credential over the coming years. 

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