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With the passage of Senate Bill 800 (SB800), it has become critically important for the homebuilder to instruct community associations about their maintenance responsibilities.  SB800 is a consumer protection and right-to-repair law, which establishes a detailed set of construction standards, disclosure requirements, and procedures for handling claims.

Under SB800, the builder must provide the Association with thorough and properly documented maintenance procedures for all common area elements.  Without the right documentation, lack of maintenance cannot be used as an affirmative defense in the event of a lawsuit.  As everyone is acutely aware, frivolous construction defect litigation has proliferated in recent years.  It has never been more important to provide all the correct information from the very beginning of the project.

To confer the level of protection you should demand, your maintenance manuals must be customized for the community.  SB800 requires that you provide not only commonly accepted maintenance obligations, but also the specific manufacturer’s recommendations for each manufactured component the Association is responsible to maintain.  This necessitates a complete understanding of the relevant manufacturers’ literature, not just for building components such as siding and roofing materials, but also for other components such as electrical and mechanical systems within the building, fit and finish products, amenities, and outdoor components such as landscape features and the irrigation system. 

Considering these requirements, you will find that not all maintenance manuals are created equal.  Many companies will provide you with a volume of material that turns out, upon closer inspection, not to meet SB800 requirements at all.  Too often, they do not perform the in-depth research to include all the specific manufacturers’ maintenance recommendations required.  Such “generic” manuals potentially do more harm than good.   They often conflict with the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations for a particular product, and afford the developer no protection should the manufacturer’s instructions be violated. 

The Helsing Group’s maintenance manuals are expressly designed for SB800 compliance and fully customized for each development, including:

  • Maintenance recommendations concerning all significant components the association should maintain.  Manufacturers’ recommendations, warranties, and specifications are included where applicable.
  • Each building component is linked to the appropriate California Civil Code functionality standard(s) (unless you have opted out of the Civil Code standards, or the project is not located in California).  All applicable performance standards and corresponding timelines are included for each component.
  • Educational information concerning often-misunderstood issues pertaining to construction will be included to assist the user in understanding what to expect.  For example, an explanation that minor cracking in stucco is to be expected, and what causes such cracking.
  • A ongoing maintenance plan and checklist to assist the Board of Directors and association manager in performing maintenance in a timely manner, keeping the necessary records, and managing the association’s vendors.  Ease of planning increases the likelihood that maintenance will be performed as scheduled.   
  • Manuals for the separate interests (homeowner manuals) are also available.  

We are licensed general contractors, with extensive experience creating maintenance manuals for all types of communities, including high-rise and standard condominiums, attached planned developments, detached single family homes, and residential/commercial mixed use projects.  In addition, our company has the benefit of longstanding expertise with budget preparation and HOA management.  Our many years of experience in overseeing and budgeting for common area maintenance enable us to design manuals that are consistent with a sensible budget and current with today’s commonly accepted maintenance practices.  Your customers will remain happiest with their purchase over the long run when the community is maintained in a timely manner and in first-class condition. 

We make providing a quality maintenance program one of the easiest things you can do to protect your investment in a new project.  We invite you to request a proposal today! 

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