Serving the entire United States, our Reserve Study provides a complete evaluation of your Association's reserve funding requirements. We have produced over 5,000 Reserve Analyses over the past decade, and have earned our reputation as industry leaders. We were key leaders in establishing Reserve Study Standards for the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA) and Community Associations Institute (CAI). 

Recognized as one of the leading providers nationwide, The Helsing Group has produced over 50,000 reserve studies on over 3,000 communities nationwide.  We have been, and continue to be, leaders nationwide on establishing standards of practice, national standards for practitioners, We have pushed for continuing education nationwide for reserve study practitioners and regularly provide education to Board members, managers, and other practitioners.  We also provide expert witness and litigation consulting concerning reserves and reserve study matters.



Without a Reserve Study, there is a great likelihood that the association is either overfunding or underfunding its reserves. If the association is overfunding its reserve obligations, then today's homeowners are paying for more than their fair share of the wear on the property.

On the other hand, if they are collecting too little money, a shortage will eventually result which will result in deferred maintenance and/or special assessments. This situation typically has a significant impact on the property values and personal finances. Many states have passed legislation requiring Reserve Studies because of the impacts to homeowners caused by underfunding, and other states are sure to follow.

The intent of this analysis is to determine exactly what those components are (if this has not already been accomplished), to determine the current and useful remaining life of these components, and to determine the replacement cost. These results are then used to determine a funding plan which helps assure that homeowners are providing adequate money for this repair and replacement, while at the same time trying to ensure that they are not collecting excessive amounts.


A Reserve Study is composed of two parts, a site inspection and a funding analysis. If your association is considering a professionally prepared Reserve Study, you should determine if you are buying both portions. Most firms, including ourselves, who prepare these studies as a significant part of their business will provide both portions since it is not only economically advantageous to the client, but also allows greater flexibility in resolving any funding issues which may exist.