Satellite Dishes and Your Home

By: Helsing Admin In 1996 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules for Over-the-Air Reception Devices (“OTARD” Rules). These rules protect a property owner’s right to install, maintain or use an antenna to receive video programming from direct broadcast satellites and some other distribution services. You can read the FCC guidelines directly here, and I […]

Pests – Insects, Rodents, Birds and Bears

…and other critters other than termites By: Helsing Admin It is that time of the year; things are heating up and the insects are showing up. In fact, in many cases they are moving into your home with you. What do you do about them – and is it your responsibility, or the association’s responsibility […]

You Are Wrong About Association Chat Rooms

By: Helsing Admin  Question: (This is actually more of a statement – but worth a response). I’m writing to you about your opinion on community chat groups. We live in a litigious society but the irony is that you lecture your community members about chat groups but yet you have your own official “blog”. Not […]

Why Do I need Insurance to Reserve the Clubhouse?

A reader writes: My Association requires that if we are going to reserve the clubhouse we need to provide a $1 million dollar liability policy with the association as a named insured! If we are going to have alcohol, it is another $1 million dollars! This is really unfair. We own the clubhouse and we […]

Why Do I Have to Pay for Damages?

By: Helsing Admin A homeowner writes: My wife hit the side of our garage framing and caused some damage. Now my association has called me to a hearing for a “reimbursement assessment”. How can they do that? They maintain the building and not me! Most association documents have provisions for the association to levy a […]

Why Do I Have to Pay for Association Records?

A reader writes: I want to see some association financial records because I think there is something funny going on with the landscaping expenses. The management company is telling me I can have them, but I need to pay for them! This is stupid, I already pay $230 a month to my association and that […]

Why Can’t the Association Maintain This?

A reader writes: Every unit in our condominium association has a dryer vent. They all need to be cleaned from the outside, but half of them are on the second story. This is stupid. We have to get on a ladder, or pay someone to get on a ladder and go 10 feet in the […]

Why Can’t I Wash My Car?

By: Helsing Admin A reader writes: I would like to know why it is appropriate for homeowners to have plants on their decks and use water from their homes to water them (often leaving a stream of mess for others to view), but it is not appropriate to use water from your home to wash […]

Why are the Collection Fees So High?

(and, why do they happen so quickly?) By: Helsing Admin Delinquent assessments are a serious problem for any homeowners association. Community Associations are typically not-for-profit corporations and the Civil Code does not allow your Board of Directors to adopt budgets that include money that has no anticipated expenditure. The net result is that when a […]